ErgoWest offers a variety of ergonomic evaluations to help you identify and eliminate ergonomic risk factors in the office environment.  Our recommendations may include simple workstation adjustments, strategies to improve work habits, or information to guide your purchase of furniture and workstation accessories.

Ergonomic Assessment

Do you have questions about how to set up your workstation to maximize efficiency and minimize your risk of discomfort or injury?  The ErgoWest Ergonomic Assessment will help you get your office furnishings and equipment configured in a way that is both productive and practical.  This level of assessment includes a brief survey of ergonomic risk factors, job duties, work practices, workstation configuration, and worker characteristics.  It also includes tips to reduce your risk of injury.  A brief report of findings and recommendations is available upon request.

ergonomic-tipsDiagnostic Workstation Assessment

Are your employees experiencing headaches, aching, stiffness, muscle tension or tingling?  If so, a Diagnostic Workstation Assessment provides practical suggestions to reduce discomfort by improving workstation and work practices.  This level of assessment provides an in-depth evaluation of job duties, worker characteristics, work practices, workstation furniture and equipment, workstation configuration, and review of medical history related to current discomfort and symptoms.  A detailed report of findings and recommendations is included.

Reasonable Accommodation Assessment

wheelchairinworkplaceThe Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires employers to make accommodations for employees with disabilities, but like many regulations the ADA can be confusing.  What does the employee need to do his or her job?  What is considered reasonable?  Is an injury the same thing as a disability?  A Reasonable Accommodation Assessment can help you comply with ADA guidelines and ensure that a disabled employee has the accommodations necessary to succeed.  This type of assessment will help you determine what equipment or products would be beneficial while also considering the individual’s abilities, disabilities, and the affect workstation configurations will have on the employee’s ability to work effectively and efficiently.

Remote Ergonomics Assessment

Using web and software-based technology, Remote Ergonomics Assessments by ErgoWest help you identify ergonomic risk factors and immediately implement solutions to prevent or resolve discomfort.  Recommendations may include simple workstation adjustments, strategies to improve work habits, and furniture and product purchase information.  A report of findings and recommendations is available upon request.

Follow-Up Assessment

Follow-up Assessments are available to ensure that recommendations are implemented and all problems have been resolved.

The recommended changes from an ErgoWest Ergonomics Assessment often are not intuitive, but with simple adjustments and modifications that improve posture and body mechanics, our clients achieve immediate and sustainable results that reduce or eliminate pain, and improve morale and productivity.