With experience in nearly all types of industrial environments, ErgoWest offers ergonomics and injury prevention programs and services that reduce injuries in non-office environments such as construction, power generation, transmission, and distribution, manufacturing, production of wood and paper products, commercial printing, food service, hospitality, and high tech manufacturing.

15998446-abstract-word-cloud-for-human-factors-and-ergonomics-with-related-tags-and-terms-stock-photoErgonomic Job Analysis

ErgoWest identifies ergonomic risk factors related to workstation configuration, work practices, work flow, and frequency, duration and intensity of job demands.  A detailed report from an ergonomic job analysis includes essential job functions, specific job demands, workstation measurements, work description, and recommendations to reduce or eliminate ergonomic risk factors.

Physical Job Demands Analysis

Here we identify the physical demands of a job, analyze the essential job tasks, and define the overall physical demand level of the work performed.  A detailed report includes essential job tasks, tools and equipment used, work description, workstation measurements, and specific job demands.  Upon request, the physical demands analysis may include recommendations for transitional return to work.

Post-offer Screening Protocol

Based on an ADA compliant job description, a testing protocol is developed by ErgoWest in a post-offer screening protocol that determines whether a job candidate’s physical abilities will meet the physical demands of the job.  Each protocol includes general guidelines and processes, pre-screening questionnaire, subtest design and procedures, verbal instructions, evaluation, scoring, cut points, and forms for data collection and reporting results.

Job-Specific Stretch Programs

workers stretchErgoWest designs stretch programs based on the job tasks and the muscles or body parts most at risk for injury.  Program roll out includes the option of presentations to employee groups or a more in-depth training session for stretch group leaders.